Seven Years – wargame rule set for the European theatre of the seven years war


An 28 paged, DIN A4 sized, saddle-stitched war game rule set booklet printed in black and white (250gsm, gloss-laminated cover, inner pages 170gsm) with an Din A4 gloss-laminated player reference sheet on 350gsm paper.


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“Seven Years”, is a war game designed to be simple and efficient. At its core is a two-table engine, the five status definition of units, a flexible command system that can accommodate various scenario and ability styles.

A major aspect of this rule set is the overall visuality of cohesion or disorder of units. If the players use cotton or similar, to mark the units that have shot, and the bases arrangements provided in the book to mark the units cohesion status, one can literally see how the army order is disintegrating in front of your eyes. Units will be pushed back and disorder units behind them. Cavalry will, if beaten to the status of “retreating”, very quickly disappear off the table edge.

You as the upcoming table top general will soon realise, your own decisions and the roll of dice will create the din of battle. You will find yourself soon in the prickly situation to decide which unit you will rally or which one you will “let slip” into disintegration or even off the table.

This brigade level rule set covers everything from the sequence of play, unit status, command system, movement and formations, as well as, fire and melee and support system. It also includes one battle scenario, the first battle of Torgau, 1759, and designer notes as well as an index. Added for convenience is an A4 gloss-laminated reference sheet on 350gsm paper.

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